Q. How do I know if I should buy the ¼" or ½" material rear seat delete kit?
A. The ½" kit is recommended if your Mustang is considered a daily driver. The ½" kit provides more strength and rigidity especially if items are going to be placed on top of the kit. The ¼" kit is recommended if your car is predominately a race car and weight is a concern.

Q. Can I use the rear seat delete kit if my car is equipped with a roll cage?
A. Yes. If your car has a roll cage the delete kit can be notched out to accommodate most roll bars. If the roll cage connects to the rear passenger floor area, the front half of the delete kit will not have to be modified. If the roll cage connects to the metal beam that the rear seat used to sit on, the front half of the kit will need to be notched out as well as the back.

Q. My car has a roll bar, how do I notch out the kit to accommodate it?
A. If detailed measurements are taken as well as clear photographs of the roll cage and its connection points, K Dezines will be able to notch out the kit for you at an additional cost. Another option is to have the kit shipped to you with the corners uncovered (the carpet is glued/stapled in all other areas except the corners.) You can then notch out the kit yourself to insure proper fit. The glue is provided upon request at a small fee.

Q. How much does the rear seat delete kit weigh?
A. The ½" rear seat delete kit weighs approximately 50 lbs (about the same as your rear seat.) The ¼" delete kit weighs approximately 35 lbs. The weight of these kits is over the rear axle where many customers want weight for added traction.

Q. What colors are the rear seat delete kits available in?
A. The carpet used on the kits provides a close match to factory carpet. Carpet color may not always be an exact match due to manufacturing variations, fading of your carpet, etc. When you order your kit, you will be asked to provide the year of your mustang and general color (i.e. red, black, blue, medium grey, smoke.) Using this information, we match the carpet used on the kits as closely as possible to your carpet. Replacement carpets are also available for the interior of your Mustang.

Q. What kind of storage space is created by the kit?
A. The storage space is created by the vacancy of the rear seat and the top of the kit. The space is generally big enough for battery relocation, stereo equipment, air bag suspension, etc. Use of this storage space can organize your accessories, giving your Mustang a clean look.

Q. How long does shipping take when I order my rear seat delete kit?
A. The time it takes for a delete kit to be shipped varies. Every kit is made to order. We attempted to ship the basic kits within 2-3 weeks from the time it is ordered. During high production periods your kit may take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Also keep in mind, extra modifications and special requirements on a kit may extend the shipping time. Customers who order customized stereo enclosures (i.e. fiber-glassed tops, etc) will be given an estimated time frame when the product is ordered as it will vary upon the nature of the order.

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